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360 & Pez on upcoming M-Phazes LP

Flagrant just posted the guestlist for the upcoming M-Phazes long player Good Gracious over on… and it’s impressive.

Among the names we’re looking forward to hearing over some Phazed Out heaters (Solo, Mantra, Delta, Drapht, Double S) are 360 & Pez, apparently in their ForthWrite guise on this album. Good Gracious is dropping in early 2010 via Obese.

Mixtape: Pagen Elypsis ‘2010’

Here’s a late Christmas gift for all you lyric lovers out there. Adelaide crew Pagen Elypsis (consisting of core members Prime, Purpose, Pohetikut and Motive) have been putting it down for some years now, but they’re finally about to release their debut album One Way Ticket… and this is a little Battlehoggs-hosted teaser in advance of the full-length.

Best tracks? Gotta go with the dramatic crew banger ‘One Hit Away’ (track 5) and the Prime solo jawn ‘Kill You All’ (track 8):

It was in the blueprint for me to run this town / before the Rihanna hit like a young Chris Brown

Download here.

Ante Esco on new Skryptcha LP

Obese young gun Skryptcha has given the lowdown on his upcoming debut album One Way – the follow-up to this year’s Left To Write EP – to allaussie hip hop, with Soulmate heatmaker Ante Esco named amongst a stellar production cast:

“Expect some insane production from the likes of my man Chasm, M-Phazes, Jase & Ante Escobar, among others.  Almost half of the album has been produced by the legendary Domingo from NY and I can tell you, these beats are going to blow a lot of people. Domingo’s been an absolute legend in working with me on arrangements for the bangers and I can’t wait to play this new sh*t to everyone!!!”

“Blow a lot of people”? It’s alright bra, I know what you were trying to say…

Top 10 albums of 2009

These are just a few of the discs we’ve been feeling in 2009, in no particular order and with no particular regard for fashion, genre or good taste. Feel free to disagree (that’s what the comments section is for) and seek some of these out if you’ve been sleeping! Here we go…

Mos Def, The Ecstatic (Downtown)

Backpack rap might be dead in 2009, but I know some of you still care. Mos cared enough to rise like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes of two complete abortions (read: contractual obligation fillers) to deliver arguably the finest example of a boundary-pushing traditional hip-hop album (oxymoron?) in years. Who gives a sh*t if half the beats are Stones Throw recyclables?

Key track: ‘Casa Bey’

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Video: Hip Hop TV @ ARIAs

Includes interviews with 360 and Pez, as well as TV’s Gyton Grantley talking about “the Hoods” and rapping. Jeebus.

More ARIA pics

Champagne Sixty.

What it says on the tin. More after the jump.

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