Monthly Archives: September 2008

OMG Pez on Nova

Pez’s ‘The Festival Song’ is now logged into the Nova100 (Melbourne) playlist.

Which means, of course, that it can be requested by the good people of Australia for airplay on this fine commercial FM station! Word to The Veronicas!

Wanna help us out? It’s a simple couple of keyboard taps and mouseclicks away. Just go here and do the damn thang.

Thanks again peeps, love your work!

Audio: 360 & Ante Escobar – ‘Who’s There?’

Here it is, the official jump off for Soulmate’s latest inhouse sample-and-drum-guy: Ante Esco!

360 & Ante Escobar – ‘Who’s There?’ (snippet)

Gitcha download on, this is just the beginning.

Need beats, let’s talk shop.

Download ‘The Festival Song’ for nada

Just go here, then here. It’s that easy.

The anthem of summer ’08/’09 and it won’t cost you a cent! Brilliant!

Music I can’t get enough of right now

The following heaters are getting mad burn on my Samsung MP3 player right now (f*ck an iPod):

  • ColdplayViva La Vida album

Holy sh*t! I never gave a crap about boring old Chris Martin & co previously but this album is seriously off the meat rack. ‘Lost’, ‘Yes’, ‘Violet Hill’, ‘Cemetries Of London’, title track – you’re all winners. If this doesn’t at least get an Album of the Year nod at the Grammys, I’ll name my firstborn child Apple.

  • PrinceDiamonds & Pearls album

Dude was seriously listening to a lot of Public Enemy/Bomb Squad jams and doing a lot of Bible study at the time of recording this album. Well, that’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it. ‘Walk Don’t Walk’ = a soundtrack for living.

  • Q-Tip – ‘Gettin’ Up’ single

Abstract! Madlib! Pianos! Love ‘n’ all that gushy stuff! Makes up for that Korn collabo a million times over.

Thanks for listening.

Pez album cover – first look

Artwork by Jeremedy. Album out 4th October.

This summer…

… is going to be all about the Chill.

Who needs to keep a supply of fresh lime wedges on hand for one’s Coronas, when one can already taste that sh*t right in the bottle?

Let’s get retarded up in here.

Pez added to JJJ rotation

Wooty woot!

‘The Festival Song’ was added to Triple J spot rotation today. Praise Allah.

Ain’t heard it? Go here, listen, and do the damn thang and request request request.

Thanks Richard & co! Album coming 04/10/08. Boom.