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360’s Melbourne album launch!

Make sure you come down, it’s gonna be a fun night…


Rap superstar Sixty Cent! Soul sister Rachael Berry! Everyone’s favourite fat Asian, GMC! Everyone’s favourite rap pretty boy, Pez! Human jukeboxes Flago & Shoop! And some random freebies downstairs! URRBODY WINS!!

Keep your bitch on tether

I haven’t heard a lot of Guilty Simpson‘s music… but his verses on J Dilla’s ‘Baby’ (increasingly becoming my favourite hip-hop song of the past few years) will be enough to make me check his album.

On that note, Melbourne heads should definitely check out the listening party this Saturday evening:


Word to O.J.!

It’s very evident…

…that Donnie‘s music is heaven sent. Dude has really been helping me face the day lately with his lyrically magnificent Stevie-meets-Donny (the other one) 2003 debut The Colored Section.


Tracks like ‘Do You Know’, ‘Turn Around’ and the previously referenced ‘Heavent Sent’ are incredible reflections on love (particularly the unrequited variety) and definitely get the heaviest rotation from me… but D is also adept at exploring socially conscious themes, from wearing an afro with pride (‘Cloud 9’) to the root of all evil (‘Big Black Buck’), while never straying far from an eclectic-but-consistent Songs In the Key Of Life-esque groove. Derivative? Maybe. Essential listening for the discerning soul lover? Definitely.

I’m yet to check his 2007 follow-up, The Daily News (which I’m told sheds the retro feel for something a little more modern), but I’ll be all over it as soon as I can track down a copy.

Interesting to note is the fact that Donnie is openly gay (a fact I only stumbled upon through a random Google search this very evening). While this doesn’t lessen the power of his music for me, it does make me think about the issues of image and conformity in music. On The Colored Section (which presumably came out before Donnie did), the word ‘girl’ is used extensively in a romantic context. Would Motown have cleared the album if ‘girl’ was subsituted for ‘boy’? Would I have dug the songs as much on an initial listen, knowing they were about manly love before giving myself the chance to respond to the groove? If I answer no to that question, does that make me a bigot?

All questions aside, the music is fire… track it down if you get a chance.

360 album tracks now online


Hit up Sixty’s MySpace page now to peep the two radio singles… ‘How Good?’ featuring Pez and ‘Take Me For Granted’ featuring Oso.

If you liked the Scar-Non/Ground Up mixtape shiz, you’ll love ‘How Good?’. If you didn’t (or even if you did), you’ll really love ‘Take Me…’. Tell somebody!

Fresh Stat D heat

These two tracks have been kicking around MySpace for a hot minute, but they seem to be flying under the radar somewhat… and that ain’t cool!

Two pages to visit:

Listen to ‘Won’t Stop’, a Stat-produced banger from this tag team of N’fa (ex-1200 Techniques) and Oec. Watch out for their debut dropping soon, featuring collabs with Spacek and a gang of international beatmakers.

Listen to ‘Push Forward’. Little-known Sydney cat Royals gets down with Sin City veteran 13th Son over another lush Stat number.  Album features A-Love and Tommy Illfigga, with beats by Lewis Parker (of Ghostface notoriety), Jase and our buddy Fame.

Need beats, hit me: