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360 & Anecdote throught to JumpOff world finals

That’s right, they done did it!


Dote & Sixty have taken out the Australian round of the JumpOff World Rap Championships, beating Adelaide’s finest Prime & Purpose on a technicality.

While both teams were undoubtedly deserving of a win, the judges have made their decision and the Melbourne/Sydney tag-team are off to face their Northern Hemispheric counterparts in the US this Saturday. This is a fantastic result and we wish both of them all the luck in the world.

And to Prime & Purpose, keep your heads up, you’ve got bright futures ahead of you… this is only a stepping stone to further greatness. If you ain’t peeped the Pagen Elypsis/BattleHoggs Double 07 mixtape yet, smack yourself, these guys mean business.

In the immortal (!) words of Lil Kim: “It’s da JumpOff!”

Peep the badly formatted press release here.

John Oates – the Australian connection

Damn, who knew Icehouse’s adult contemporary FM radio staple ‘Electric Blue’ was co-written by the best moustache in eighties pop?

Peep the full story here.


Seriously, this Andrew Unterberger guy is a little scary. I’ll (begrudgingly) admit that ‘Electric Blue’ is a solid track for its era, but better than the whole H&O back catalogue? You must be out yo’ mind.

‘I Can’t Go For That’, ‘Kiss On My List’, ‘Rich Girl’, ‘Maneater’, ‘One On One’, ‘Sara Smile’, ‘Baby Come Back’… damn, I LOVE those guys! Thanks for the memories John.

Speaking of which, how much does Maroon 5’s ‘Makes Me Wonder’ sound like vintage Hall & Oates?


 Yep, despite the misspelling on the poster, this has nothing to do with the Gang Starr DJ (or the Hon John Brumby MP), but rather the ‘premier’ of the new 360 video ‘Mama Mia’.


I don’t really know what the deal is here… Byhart Films hooked this sh*t up so who am I to argue? But as far as I know, there’s no cover charge (hell, there might even be free drinks… wishful thinking?), so why not come down and witness the fitness?

The official launch of this video upon an unsuspecting populace probably won’t be til around January, so this is the chance to get the jump on your buddies and catch a sneak peek before the masses.

“Get that Benzo, tint the windows…”


 “…ride around the city and let your friends know”

Prayers go out to one of my favourite producers, Kanye West, for the tragic death of his mother Donda West this past weekend.

Hold ya head ‘Ye. ‘Roses’ helped me get through my own personal grief these past few days, so it’s only right that I pay tribute to the muse and mother of one of today’s most important artists.

R.I.P. Grandad

Passed away today, 11/11/07.

I know you’re in God’s presence now. See you when I get there (if I ever get there).

One love, your grandson.

360 in front of the lens

So we just wrapped shooting on the debut video for 360 this past weekend…

No further details yet, but trust, it’s going to be bananas. Byhart Films on the reels of steel and cameos from your favourite Melbourne rap dudes (and some luscious ladies!). Look out for it in a month or so.

Meanwhile, the ForthWrizzle boys enlisted the lovely Jo Duck to snap their grills during the week… here are some early results:



No mosquitos

My dude is back, laid back coupe is back… this is sick, ‘Blue Magic’ didn’t do a lot for me but after this, I can’t wait to cop American Gangster.