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22 / 03 / 08

The day of reckoning.


More info coming soon…

Static gone too soon?


I just heard from Dominic @ Rhyme & Reason magazine that Static (one of the true unsung heroes of new millennial R&B) has passed away. I can’t find confirmation elsewhere on the ‘net but I’ll take it as fact.

The man known to his folks as Stephen Garrett is a certified songwriting genius, penning the lyrics & melodies to such classics as ‘Are You That Somebody?’ and ‘Try Again’ for Aaliyah. He was Timbo’s right hand man and a member of the group Playa, whose sole (?) album Cheers 2 U packed some serious heat. You might even remember him from his collabo with Mr Dalvin (Jodeci) from the Dangerous Minds soundtrack, ‘True OG’.

Rest in peace to a talented soul.