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New BYT single ‘A Different Kind Of Light’ out now!

After making some waves with ‘Rotations’, Bright Young Things are back with single #2: the similarly cosmically-themed ‘A Different Kind Of Light’.

Video coming soon (and trust us, worth the wait). In the meantime, it’s on iTunes.

Video: Prime ‘Good Morning’ promo

Cover reveal at the end. Shout to Full Clip. Thanks Carla. Good Morning coming soon.

Prime Facebook

R.I.P. Hunter (SBX) – 1975-2011

It wasn’t always this way.

Before the #1 debuts and sold out tours, Australian hip-hop was once relegated to the darkest, most neglected corners of the music industry. One of these was the original Oz Hip-Hop message board (you couldn’t call it a forum) – a text-heavy black & orange eyesore that was nonetheless a connecting point for a nascent and disparate scene across the various capital cities. We’re talking circa ’97/’98. Early days for the internet, and – with all due respect to the street art pioneers and the likes of Just Us, DWC, Prowla etc – still somewhat early days for the culture.

Hunter was part of that online community. He afforded a teenager from Brisbane the opportunity to get a glimpse into the darker world of Perth hip-hop (we were all about the BBQ Funk in those days – the gritty, lyrically ominous likes of early Downsyde, Clandestien & Matty B were a revelation). was the place we downloaded Syllabolix joints like ‘Judge & Jury’ (which introduced Layla to my ears) and ‘Who’s Ya Server’ – classics. I still remember copping Downsyde’s Epinonimous from Rockinghorse Records – with Hunter & Dazastah’s ‘Microphone Masters’ on it – and quickly telling anyone who’d listen that it was my favourite local rap release up until that point.

Hunter and I never met in the flesh. But I feel a common bond with him. I feel like we were privileged to witness the explosion of a nebula up close, in slow motion. And my how it’s grown. Hunter was always the most vocal advocate of the culture – and he walked the talk. Anyone who’s picked up a mic in the years since owes a debt of gratitude to him – not because he was a brilliant lyricist (he was sincere and workmanlike), but because he helped lay down a path of credibility, respect and community for others to walk on. He is the flagbearer for a moment in time that we will never get back.

Rest in peace Hunter. I will never forget your contribution to this thing we hold so dear. Go with God and may your music live on, as good, honest music always does.

– Chris

360 Falling & Flying tour starts this weekend!

This will be epic. Supported by Grey Ghost at most shows, Prime at selected venues.

Full list of dates & tickets here.

360 up for [V] Oz Artist 2011

Some stiff competition. Wanna help the kid out? Vote here.

Have you seen this man?

It’s good to be DFRNT.

More sightings:

Pic: 360 accepts the JIMA Most Hunted award

Via mixitup.