Monthly Archives: February 2010

Matik hits the internets

The lil homie DJ Matique (producer of Pez’s ‘The Festival Song’ and Seth Sentry’s ‘The Waitress Song’) now has a home online. And a pretty good lookin’ site it is too.

Can Matik produce a radio hit that isn’t called ‘The (Insert Word Here) Song’? Stay tuned to his blog to find out…

Eazy-E x Louis V tee

My dude @shoryuken has a bunch of fresh home made tees in stock right now, featuring the familiar Louis Vuitton scarf pattern with a Ruthless twist – the LV is replaced by an EZ, and the familiar face of one Eric Wright (R.I.P.) sits prominently in the mix.

A definite must-have for the stylish gangsta, and in classic black-on-white or crisp Dodgers blue-on-white, you can’t lose. Twit him up and support your local talent.

Audio: 360 on Strictly Oz (90.7 FM)

The good folk at 90.7 SYN FM’s Strictly Oz show in Melbourne, Cook & Lil Marc, had a chat with 360 a couple of weeks back about projects past, present and future.

You can stream it here.

360 & Styalz record ‘Boys Like You’

Got an hour to kill? 360 & Styalz went live to Ustream a couple of nights ago with the recording session for a new dancehall-flavoured jam called ‘Boys Like You’. Straight heat!

If you missed the real-time broadcast, it’s now up for streaming here.