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Audio: 360 x Lisa Mitchell ‘Do You Have A Dollar?’

Do you have a dollar for me?


Well don’t worry, this won’t cost a thing. 360 and production potna Styalz Fuego have flipped Lisa Mitchell’s beloved ‘Coin Laundry’ into ‘Do You Have A Dollar?’, a dark little ditty about a homeless war veteran. No, I’m serious. And it’s now online for your listening pleasure.

Edit: New download link here. YouTube vid after the jump.

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360 x Harry O x 1k Twitter followers

OK, so on this day in history (18 March 2010), young 360 promised his salivating interweb fans he would leak a brand new track if he hit 1,000 Twitter followers by the time the clock struck midnight.

By about 6pm, it wasn’t looking good… take-up had been slow all day (around 10-15 new followers) and the numbers were teetering around 995, with that magic stack *just* out of sight.

Enter Collingwood defender and all-round good guy Harry O’Brien.

Via the magic medium known as the Tweetverse, Harry O rounded up the C’wood faithful and urged them to follow the Sixdog.  By about 8.37pm, the Pies had come through and stormed the pitch and gold was struck! 1,000 followers. A collective sigh of internet relief rose forth.

So to sum up… um, stay tuned to and you’ll probably get to hear a new track or something. Yup.

Update: new unmixed demo ‘Falling & Flying streaming now @

Soulmate Records x EMI partnership

We are very proud to announce a brand new partnership between Soulmate Records and EMI.

While there is plenty of cool stuff in the works, your first taste of Soulmate/EMI goodness will be the awesome new record from 360, Falling & Flying, coming later this year. A wise man recently described it as “the Stankonia of Oz Hip-Hop” … I’m paraphrasing, but we’d have to agree.

Looking forward to sharing some of that good good good music with you all!

Audio: 360 ‘I Hate You’ (demo)

Anyone remember MySpace? 360 has a new song on his. It’s called ‘I Hate You’ and it’s pretty bloody great.

While it’s an unmixed demo only at this stage, ‘I Hate You’ will appear in all its high definition glory on Sixty’s upcoming sophomore jawn Falling & Flying.