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Video: 360 vs Anecdote street battle

Ah, rap battles. Gay jokes, mum jokes and… more gay jokes. At least with these two funny bastards, you won’t get any of that “I’ll lyrically murder you” bullsh*t. Nice one fellas. Probs to Byhart on the cam.

Gallery: Pez pre-video launch rehearsal

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Curtis vs Officer Ricky

Let me preface this by saying I’m not much of a 50 Cent fan. Yeah, I copped Get Rich… when it came out, I saw the flick of the same name, I’m occasionally known to rap along at an ignorant decibel level to ‘High All The Time’ in my car, and I rate those Joe/G-Unit collabos of a few years back pretty highly on my musical guilty-pleasure-o-meter. But I’m not one of these douches who gets around in G-Unit get-up and logs onto religiously or anything like that.

However, I have to say that 50 done brought the heat this time. If you’ve come in late, bear-like Miami coke rapper Rick Ross was recently outed as a former prison screw, and incidentally talked a lil’ shit about Fiddy at the BET Awards. With a diss brought against him and some great fodder for a response track, Curtis Jackson has done the only logical thing and bunkered down in the studio to MURK Ricky on a track. And the result is – surprisingly – catchy, and funny, as f*ck.

50 Cent – ‘Tia Told Me’ (Rick Ross & DJ Khaled diss)

Personally, I think The Boss might have to chat to the warden down at the local county jail pretty soon, cos he’ll need his old job back to help pay off that ballerific self-portrait medallion now that his rap career is officially done.

Cos there’s nothing you can teach me…

… that I can’t learn from Mr Hathaway. Or Ms Winehouse for that matter.

So it appears that Darling Amy done sang a cover of one of my all-time favourite Donny songs, ‘We’re Still Friends’, at an undisclosed gig recently. Now a member of the public has had the good sense to upload that bitch to YouTube. Bless.

To be honest, I’m not really feelin’ her rendition (sounds like she just got off the pipe), but I’m posting it up here for posterity nonetheless. It’s (strange but) wonderful to see my favourite female singer of today taking influence from my favourite male singer of yesterday.

Video: Pez – ‘The Festival Song’ (YT version)

Resolution is ass but that’s YouTube for ya.

Video: Forthwrite – ‘Woah’ (M-Phazes remix)

How did I miss this? Nice work Flago!

Pics: Pez @ The Hi-Fi, 06/02/09

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