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Vans x In4mation Half Cab

If you’ve caught a 360 show in the last 12 months, you would have seen dude getting around in a pair of Etnies x In4mation Rap high tops (sh*t, I’ve got a pair too, but no one’s looking at me). They’re the sh*t!

Well, the denim-lovin’ folks at In4mation done did it again, this time collaborating with Vans on this distinctive re-up of the Half Cab. I like it! Even if they don’t possess the ‘rip-off-denim-to-reveal-logo’ gimmickry of the Raps, they’re a little more rustic and therefore more up my alley. Keep ’em coming!

Shout to Sneaker Freaker with the scoop.

And shout to the good folks at Etnies Australia who keep our toes warm – Aek whattup!

C-Rayz Walz @ Laundry, Melbourne

Supported by 360 & Pez, hosted by the mad underrated 1/6, brought to you by Baddums Presents. Be thurr.

P-Easy signs on the dotted line

Two Pez-related posts in a row? What’s the story?

Well, the story is that A Mind Of My Own will be dropping via Soulmate/Inertia in October. Please welcome the kid, he’s very happy to be here.

Peep some advance tracks right here. Flames.

Audio: Pez, GMC & Tommy Carson – ‘Bad Boys’

Pez Diddy rips this Mason Betha rehash in inimitable style. Can’t wait for A Mind Of My Own. Carson comes with it also, possibly a career highlight. Download here:

From GMC’s bangin’ Three Letter Mixtape: Volume G, available to download in full here:

Shout to G & the Groundup massive.

Blueprint 3?

Ye Tudda exec producing? Some Timbo and Primo action amidst the Yeezy bangers?

I’m sold.

I still think The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse, condensed to one album, might just have been Jay’s finest hour (stop laughing). Peep game:

  1. A Dream (feat. Faith Evans & The Notorious B.I.G.)
  2. Hovi Baby
  3. The Watcher 2 (feat. Dr Dre, Rakim & Truth Hurts)
  4. Excuse Me Miss
  5. All Around The World (feat. LaToiya Williams)
  6. Poppin Tags (feat. Big Boi, Killer Mike, Twista & Sleepy Brown)
  7. Fuck All Nite
  8. U Don’t Know (Remix) (feat. M.O.P.)
  9. Meet The Parents
  10. Some How Some Way (feat. Beanie Sigel & Scarface)
  11. Blueprint 2
  12. As One (feat. everybody)
  13. A Ballad For The Fallen Soldier

I might sneak ‘Diamond Is Forever’ or one of the Timbaland joints (not the one with Sean Paul) on there too. Unfuckwittable.

I knew I was gon’ see you again

There’s a classic moment in the 2007 Bill Bellamy comedy How To Be A Player, in which the great Bernie Mac comes home from a hard day at the office to his cheatin’ wife and exclaims that he can “smell b’dussy – booty, dick and pussy!”.

It’s a classic example of the ghetto-ass brand of spontaneous humour that has made Bernie Mac – the charcoal-toned brother referred to in the 2Pacsploitation classic Above The Rim as “Daffy Duck with his beak shot off” – one of the greatest bit players in black cinema.

Bernie Mac has died at the tender age of 50. R.I.P. to one of the greatest that ever did it.

Big news coming

In a few days, I should be able to hit you off with two exciting news tidbits… and maybe even a free download or two. Yayz! Until then, bump that CuDi and think of rap’s new possibilities. The future is coming.