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Video: Making ‘The Musical’ Part One

Syntax makes the raps. Mules makes the beats. Haunts lights the farts. Mantra makes the rap hands. Oz Hip-Hop Cribs sucks. Haunts lights the farts again.

The Musical – in stores now.

Gig: Pagen Elypsis live in Melbourne

Pagen Elypsis need no introduction. If you haven’t heard One Way Ticket yet, and you call yourself a fan of this “Aussie hip-hop” malarky, you really need to stop procrastinating and cop the damn thing.

Our Melbourne readers are cordially invited to attend PE’s first Victorian gig in aaaages … all you need to do is head on over to the official FB page for details, or cop tickets via Moshtix. It’s really that simple.

For your effort, you’ll be rewarded with four hours of the finest local hip-hop around … including West Preston’s answer to M.O.P., Maundz, the Mayor of Palm Beach, Syntax, south-east Melbourne’s finest purveyors of upmarket sportswear, Neat Street, and of course selector extraordinaire and all-round handsome man, DJ Matik.

Hope to see some of you there!

Break It Down: Syntax ‘The Musical’

Something special for you today: a brand new feature we like to call Break It Down. One artist, one album, a whole bunch of tracks, and every single one with a story behind it.

To kick it off, here’s Palm Beach’s favourite son Syntax, with a track-by-track exploration of his recently released debut The Musical.

‘Moral Of The Story’

My writing style is a little here nor there at times; the two 24 bar verses of ‘Moral Of The Story’ were written at completely different times, over two completely different beats. The second verse was written first over a beat by West Australian producer Ta-Ku, while the first was written to a really mellow and string heavy Hi-Tek beat. My initial aim when writing the song was to have something that rivaled the storytelling aspect of Black Milk’s track ‘Long Story Short’, off the awesome Tronic album. I really loved the concept; a lot of people were being exposed to Black Milk for the first time, and he used the first track off his album to tell the story of how the LP came to be released. I tried to capture that storytelling ability as much as possible.

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Video: 360 rapper tag

This is cool for two reasons:

1. Somebody finally rhymed ‘Robocop’ with ‘Coco Pops’.

2. ‘Rapper tag’ represents a brand new concept in Internets Rapping™. The idea is simple: like a street cypher for the 21st Century, one emcee kicks the party off with an off-the-wall webcam freestyle, then invites another rap dude to the party, who in turn invites another, until you, the enthusiastic rap fan, are completely spoilt for fresh new bars. Like a digital chain letter, it will go on for as long as its protagonists can keep up the lyrical miracles.

As you can see, 360 is first cab off the rank, and has called out Elefant Traks head honcho Urthboy to spit next. We anxiously await his reply…

Syntax supporting Evidence (Dilated Peoples)

Evidence is that dude. If you’re in Melbourne, you have no excuse not to hit this up. Free? F*ckouttahere.

“Mystery DJ X”? Sounds intriguing.

Syntax four-star review

Nothing like some hometown love.

Brisbane’s The Courier-Mail just awarded four stars to Syntax‘s The Musical, labelling it “something special” and reminiscent of “the golden years of hip hop”. Respect.

Read the review after the jump.

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New music: 360 ‘Please Be Seated 2’

Oh sh*t.

If you enjoyed Please Be Seated, you’ll be happy to know that its sequel (the creatively titled Please Be Seated 2) has arrived.

With features from JJJ favourite Seth Sentry and Scribble Jam champion Justice, song titles like ‘Naomi Campbell’ and ‘Facebook Fiend’, and flips of your favourite Drake, Tame Impala and Kings Of Leon jams, PBS2 is a banger on paper and a monster in your headphones.

Only available as a stream on 360’s Facebook page for now… become a fan and hit it up.