Monthly Archives: May 2008

Sydney launch


Week 3

Been down to Soulmate Mondays @ The Evelyn yet? No?

Well, Melbourne people … here’s four good reasons to check out the third installment this Monday, 19th May:


More info here.

New Escobar


Street single and title track from Nas’ forthcoming album Negro:

The hook is bananas. The beat is pineapples. Can’t wait for this one.

360 – April (w)rap up


A hilarious new monthly segment on the Triple J Hip-Hop Show… peep the first installment:

The man, the beard, the icon

Long before Warren & Nate were regulatin’ in the 213, Michael McDonald was killin’ b*tches on stage with the Doobie Brothers and mackin’ hoes up in high-rise bachelor pads like the one depicted in this video… all with a beard that would make Derryn Hinch envious and a voice like a grizzly bear mumbling underwater.

I love this guy.

Recommended listening: Minute By Minute, Doobie Brothers (Warner Brothers, 1978); If That’s What It Takes, Michael McDonald (Warner Brothers, 1982)

While you’re at it, peep Episode 7 of ‘Yacht Rock’. “The smooth grooves of this song alone will make it to at least number two…”