Monthly Archives: June 2011

New music: 360 x Justice & Kaos ‘Hounds Of Hell’

Pretty mean verse Six.

Show: BYT @ Oxford Art Factory (free!)

Sydney peeps: a free show! Who doesn’t love a free show?

Bright Young Things (supported by the most excellent Come Back To Earth) will be hitting OAF on Thursday 21st July for a night of mayhem, debauchery and Jager bombs.

Come along, it’ll be fun!

New music: 360 x Vegas Aces ‘Heart’s A Mess’

Cam Bluff, you a genius for this one. From Stand The Fuck Up, dropping soon.

New music: 360 x everybody

If you’re one of the almost 50,000 people who subscribe to 360’s Facebook page (and let’s face it, if you check this blog then you probably are), you would have seen an abundance of new music of late.

This should tell you one thing: Stand The Fuck Up is on its way.

In addition to the above video (the mixtape intro, billed as 360 x Ratatat), there’s also the Lil Wayne rip ‘Elbow On My Dick’ and the Prime-featured ‘Swim Good’ (which rides a Frank Ocean loop).

With rumoured guest shots from Illy, Vegas Aces and Pez still to come, this tape is shaping up as bigger and better than both volumes of Please Be Seated. Download link will be posted here as soon as it hits the net!

(P.S. congrats if you caught ‘Might As Well Fall In’, which was doing the rounds on YouTube earlier in the week. It seems to have been removed due to copyright violation, yew.)

Bright Young Things on Vibe: The Chillout Suite

So the good people @ Sony & Vibe Hotels have picked up on the brilliance of Bright Young Things‘Rotations’ and added it to their new Vibe: The Chillout Suite compilation.

Also in the mix: Broken Bells, Mansions On The Moon, Sade & John Legend. It’s a cracking compilation.

iTunes purchase link here.

Eso shouts out Pez & 360 (Rapper Tag #36)

Now THAT’S how you do a tag! Pyrotechnics, baby.

Video: 360 talks to Peak Street

Great interview, great live footage. Bravo!

We got mad love for Peak Street over here.