Monthly Archives: December 2007

Rockafella y’all

OK, so to kick things off Sixty & Pez aren’t doing the Percee P show in Melbourne anymore. Unfortunately the timing was f*cked up. You should definitely still go though, it will be a hot show… shout to Fresh Pair for bringin’ P-Double to Oz.

However, Brisbane heads can look forward to the following show:


Shout to my man Louie Loco for the hook-up, and Laced (Brisbane’s premier sneaker store) for their sponsorship. January 25th 2008 – let’s do this Boomtown!!

Ned Ryerson: modern day messiah?


Apparently one of my favourite movies, Groundhog Day, is a thinly veiled recruitment drive for Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and even wicca. Whut?

I can see the connection (and being a spiritual cat myself, I’m not mad at it), but “the groundhog is clearly the resurrected Christ”? Jew please.

Bringin’ Sixty back


Poor scan quality alert! (Clipping above courtesy of mX Melbourne)

Dude has returned from NYC and reckons he had a blast. We can’t confirm a win/loss/draw at this stage (contractual requirements haha) but you can read a (slightly inaccurate) version of things here.

Six’n’Dote also had a chat to the lovely Maya Jupiter on Monday night’s JJJ rap show… I’ll post up some audio with the quickness. Stay tuned.

Edit: Here’s a link to some audio courtesy the JumpOff website

Pour out a little sizzurp


Pimp C … dead aged 33.

When will it stop? I know we all gotta die, but not so soon. Dude just got out the clink. Bun was paving the way for a UGK invasion. It was his time to shine.

R.I.P. brotherman … ride long and strong in that big candy toy in the sky.