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Comedy rap @ Revolver

An interesting line-up to say the least…


Apparently the theme is ‘hip-hop comedy’… yeah, you know how ForthWrite do. So come on down Melbournians, should be a laugh!

Muneshine – ‘Status Symbol’ video

Our homie from the T-Dot, Muneshine, has just filmed a video for his new album intro… and the beat is produced by none other than Redland Shire’s finest Stat Diggity!

Not sure about the album release date, but I do know it’s called Status Symbol and features beats and spits by such luminaries as Sean P, Termanology, Buckwild, Supastition, M-Phazes and many, many more.

Look out for it!

(P.S. For those not in the know, Mune is a dope producer in his own right and produced ‘Know All’ for Boltz and ‘How Good?’ from 360’s upcoming LP)

Tigallo is a soul music genius


OK, this isn’t label-related, but I think this blog is as good a forum as any to expound on my musical tastes to the general public. 🙂

Phonte – he of Little Brother, Justus League, Foreign Exchange et al – is, in addition to being a sh*t-hot emcee, also a damn good sanga (read: singer; you gotta say it in a North Cackalacka accent). And he’s been using that purdy voice a hell of a lot lately, most notably in the form of two pretty exciting collaborations.

The first is a collabo with DJ Spinna – he of the long dreadlocks and producer of Masta Ace’s classic ‘Soda & Soap’ among others – on a track called ‘Dillagence’. No prizes for guessing who it pays homage to. Yep, a masterful mash up of the Donut King’s swansong ‘Two Is Not Enough’, Slum’s ‘Fall In Love’, Common’s ‘Nag Champa’, and two (?) other tracks that I’m not familiar with. Smooth listening:

Listen here

Even more interesting to this eighties baby is Zo! & Tigallo Love The 80s, a new super (!) group consisting of Tay and some dude from the D called Zo!, who I’m not familiar with (but who apparently produces the closing track on LB’s latest opus Getback). Basically their steelo involves taking cheesy eighties classics and putting a neo-soul spin on ’em – a simple idea, but executed brilliantly. Peep this reworking of Joe Jackson’s ‘Steppin’ Out’, then head to the MySpace for some Toto and A-Ha inspired goodies:

Listen here

Until next time…

ForthWrite @ Nurcha Fest this Saturday

Yep, Sixty & Pez will be doin’ the damn thing at the Espy this Saturday (27th October)… plenty of local hip-hop action for a nice price. If you’re in Melbourne, get on down…

Nurcha flyer

I just hit Sixty off with some brand new coke-white high-tops (courtesy of our pals at Etnies), so if you see him in the crowd feel free to christen those sh*ts 🙂

Warning shot

 Soulmate logo 

What’s good people?

 I kinda had this spur-of-the-moment idea to launch a blog about the label, for a couple of reasons:

1. The website doesn’t get updated nearly enough

2. MySpace is doing my head in and I can’t handle another system crash just for the sake of uploading an mp3/photo/blog entry

 So yeah… I’m just gonna hit you with random updates and if you’re feeling it (or not), don’t hesitate to drop us a comment. Got a lot coming up in the near future – videos, collabos, new releases, o.s. trips etc so there’ll be plenty to write about. Oh yeah, and if you don’t know… this is who we be.