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Music talk: re-flipping samples

So I copped the latest (and last?) Little Brother album Leftback a couple of weeks ago … a bit hit and miss, unfortunately, but definitely a few gems to be found (peep the Dwele-inspired ‘So Cold’ and the lyrical free-for-all ‘Tigallo For Dolo’).

However, it was the last track, the Khrysis-produced, Torae-featured heatrock ’24’, that really caught my attention:

Tell me that ain’t a (very cleverly-chopped) flip of the Jackson 5 loop used at around the 3:34 mark in this classic track:

(A track which, incidentally, is a remix of an obscure DJ Clue mixtape exclusive.) It got me thinking of other similar instances, in which a producer has re-flipped a well-known sample to create something entirely fresh… (More after the jump)

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BYT interview w/ Jered Scott

Bright Young Things are taking a novel approach to blogging, with a new recurring feature on their Tumblr called Bright Young Things of the World. This feature will spotlight talented artists, designers, musicians, photographers and producers doin’ their thing worldwide, and help you, the listener, get a little closer to the band’s interests. Win-win.

First up is Jered Scott (you can check the re-blogged interview at his blog here). Jered is a US-based shutterbug known for his work with Blink-182 and a swathe of pop-punk types. Awesome.

Pez & 360 @ Rock For Relief (Melb)

Video: Dedlee status x Rapper Tag doubles!

No pants.

Pez video: urgent call for actors & extras

In the coming days, we are filming the video for Pez‘s next single ‘Shine’.

This is an urgent call for actors and extras; if you want to be a part of the project, please visit this information page for more details.

Feel free to spread the word!

Video: 360 Rapper Tag intermission

Where is the kid from the Pines?

Video: ‘Just Got Started’ teaser trailer

Full video dropping late January 2011. Single available from iTunes now.