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Acclaim issue 13: lots of Sixty


The latest issue of Melbourne’s own Acclaim magazine has just hit newspaper spots across the continent and, in addition to the usual choice selection of girls, gangstas, gadgets and other stuff not beginning with ‘G’, the new issue is chock full ‘o’ 360.

In addition to the little interview seen above, you can also catch Sixty offering sage advice on owning a gay dog (seriously) on page 14, and being criticised for his lack of singing ability on page 88 (we ain’t mad).

If you haven’t peeped it yet, Acclaim is a great little read and well worth your $9.95.

Not guilty, you got to feel me

So R. Kelly was acquitted of child sex charges. The man who wrote ‘Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number’. The man who married Aaliyah (RIP) at the tender age of 15. The self-professed ‘Pied Piper of R&B’. (You do know the premise of ‘The Pied Piper of Hamlin’, right?)

AND they caught the whole thing on video tape? Surely somebody done paid off the jury.

I think Robert is a brilliant songwriter and a more-than-decent singer, but unfortunately (not guilty verdict aside) this feels like Michael Jackson all over again. Nothing will ever tarnish the brilliance of ‘Step In The Name Of Love’ or ‘When A Woman’s Fed Up’ (just like ‘Rock With You’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ will always be certified classics), but would I feel comfortable referring to myself as “an R. Kelly fan” in mixed company ever again? Not likely.

London, New York, Paris, Collingwood


Caught The Universe of Keith Haring at ACMI on Saturday night.

A great doco (and a great NYC-in-the-early-80s time capsule piece), but what I found especially interesting was the revelation that one of the world’s best preserved KH murals (see above pic) is right in my own backyard … on the wall of Collingwood Technical School in Johnston Street. Note to self: must peep.

On a side note, hip-hop legend and former MTV jock Fab 5 Freddy was one of the many talking heads in the flick. I’ve never noticed before, but how obviously ghey is he? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Get ready G-Town


Sorry about the Sydney mix-up kids… Sin City show is still happening in July! Date announced soon…